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Rwanda - Lake Kivu Musozi

Rwanda - Lake Kivu Musozi


Flavour Profile: Mixed berries, Peach, Oolong
Region: Lake Kivu, Rwanda

Process: Washed
Elevation: 1700 - 2100 M.A.S.L
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Weight: 200g
Roasted for: Filter styles & Espresso

For Your Information
We're excited to present this fruity coffee from Rwanda in time for the festive season! Musozi, in Rwandan translates to "mountains", where this coffee is grown at high altitudes over Lake Kivu in Rwanda's Western Province. Farmers painstakingly hand-select coffee cherries while they float in large bays at a washing station. This is part of the washed process that allows them to sort out low-density cherries, ensuring only the best quality from their crop.The cherries are then pulped and transferred to fermentation tanks where they undergo 14 hours of dry fermentation. The coffee is then further sorted into different grades via density grading channels by enough clean water.Those different grades are then moved separately to be sorted again at the pre-drying tables and then transferred to raised African beds to dry for16 to 20 days. After drying, these coffees are hulled and sorted by experienced women before being finally packed in Grainpro and Jute bags for export.

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